Can You Use Vinegar On Natural Stone For Cleaning?

Can You Use Vinegar On Natural Stone For Cleaning

Jul 8, 2021 | Natural Stone Cleaning

Nowadays, white vinegar and baking soda have become the best homemade cleaning solutions. As such, they work effectively to remove the stains and spills from your carpet, tile, or upholstery materials.

However, your answer to the question “ Can you use vinegar on natural stone for cleaning?” or “Does vinegar damage natural stone?” is no. Learn below the top reasons for damage caused to your natural stone surface while cleaning it with vinegar.

Reasons For Not Using Vinegar Solutions To Clean Natural Stone

Mainly, you may be using white vinegar for cleaning different household surfaces. But, it is not recommended to use vinegar on natural stone, due to its acidic property.

⇒ While using vinegar on granite countertops or natural stone surfaces, may damage the seal and polish layer applied on them.
⇒ Sometimes, vinegar can cause structural damage to your stone surface.
⇒ Instead of removing stains, vinegar can cause hard stains on the natural stone.
⇒ Also, vinegar can cause etching on the natural stone surface during stain removal. So, it’s better you refer to the preventive tips for cleaning natural stone without damaging them.
⇒ If you want to remove vinegar stains from the natural stone surface, then make a paste of baking soda and acetone. Apply it on the stain and leave it for 24 hours. Now, rinse it with clean water.
⇒ To remove natural stone stains, use granite cleaner on it. Also, apply a sealant to your natural stone surface for preventing it from different spills and stains.
⇒ Remember, do not use a scrub pad while cleaning the stone surface.

Note: Know the Do’s and Don’ts for natural stone cleaning surfaces, before applying any cleaner on your stone surface.

How Professionals Can Help In Natural Stone Cleaning?

As explained in the above tips, a granite cleaner can be used for natural stone cleaning. But, to remove dark and oily or greasy stains from the natural stone surface, you may need professional help. If you wish to know more information about the cleaning and maintenance of natural stone like granite, marble, slate, etc, then contact ASAP Carpet Cleaning professionals soon.

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