Tips To Prevent Damage When Cleaning Natural Stone Flooring

Tips To Prevent Damage When Cleaning Natural Stone Flooring

May 14, 2020 | Natural Stone Cleaning

One of the stunning floor covers for your home can be a natural stone flooring. It instantly improves the look of any room, and it truly makes it more aesthetically pleasing. However, having this kind of flooring can be very costly. This is the reason it is very essential to take care and maintain it properly.

There are dos and don’ts that you should be careful about, particularly when attempting to clean your floors all alone. A few people don’t pay attention and end up harming their floors instead of cleaning them.

If you are planning to clean your natural stone floors on yourself, then beneath are a few hints to assist you with avoiding any damage during the cleaning process.

Preventive Tips For Cleaning Natural Stone Flooring

Cleaning Natural Stone Flooring

  1. Check the cleaning items that you will use. Stones, for example, marble, rock, and limestone are sensitive to certain cleaning items, especially those that contain acids. Ensure that you avoid such cleaning products and just use those that are explicitly perfect for use on stone surfaces.
  2. Try not to use standard floor wax or shining products on your stone. This is because it will remove the natural shine that the stone has. Just use specific cleaning techniques for natural stone flooring.
  3. To prevent scratching on your stone floors, use a vacuum cleaner made for hard surfaces or a microfiber brush to clear the area having residue or little particles before wiping or polishing. Doing this step can avoid damaging your natural stone surface.
  4. Avoid using vinegar as a cleaning agent on your floors. Vinegar may work extraordinarily on many surfaces, for example, floor covering and textures, yet with natural stone, it is a big no-no. This is because vinegar is exceptionally acidic and as recently referenced, acids will damage stone flooring.

Wrapping Up

Cleaning natural stone flooring is not a major problem anymore when you consider these tips. It helps you prevent damage while providing a shiny stone surface. For more accurate cleaning results, contact ASAP Carpet Cleaning. We provide quality natural stone cleaning services at affordable rates. To get a free estimate, call us at (209) 668-2727. For more tips on the natural stone cleaning, you can follow us on our Facebook page.

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