Natural Stone Flooring Vs Wood Flooring

Natural Stone Flooring Vs Wood Flooring

Jul 25, 2022 | Natural Stone Cleaning

We know that good flooring enhances the appeal of every area, flooring is a crucial component of any structure. The flooring offers a surface that is slick, spotless, vibrant, and appealing. The cover must be resistant to damage brought on by wear and tear furniture and people moving around.

Since the ancient period, flooring has been made of both wood and natural stone. There is therefore a misunderstanding regarding natural stone flooring and wood flooring. Each material has advantages and disadvantages when compared to natural stone flooring.

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Difference Between Natural Stone Flooring And Wood Flooring

Natural Stone

Wood Flooring

Composition Floors are obtained by carving natural stones. It is made by bonding solid wood or natural wood to plywood.
Durability Natural stones have more durability as compared to other flooring materials. If maintained properly it can last for a lifetime.
Resistance To Scratches More resistant to scratches Less resistant to scratches
Fireproof It’s fireproof and it does not catch fire Catches fire easily
Installation Due to the weight of the stones and the length of the cutting process, installation becomes challenging. Installation is relatively easy as compared to natural stone flooring.
Maintainance Compared to wood flooring, it requires less maintenance. A moist towel mopped over the surface often cleans it. Care must be taken to maintain wood flooring. Both a vacuum cleaner and a moist towel can be used to clean it.

Natural Stone Flooring Vs Wood Flooring- Which Is Better 

As we think of it, natural stone flooring is better at all costs. As they are more enduring and stronger. There are many different styles and patterns of natural stone flooring to choose from. Natural stone flooring doesn’t absorb as much water and, when finished correctly, is stain resistant. It also features a shining surface, making cleaning simple. It is also easier to maintain.

As many owners have no idea about the benefits of natural stone flooring. They can also call professionals for their help. They are well trained for any emergencies. They also provide tips and tricks to perfectly maintain your flooring. They are available 24/7 and aim to provide the best flooring services around the area.

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