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Upholstery Cleaning: Make It Dust-Free

The most used furniture at home is upholstered furniture. Hence, regular cleaning becomes essential to eliminate allergens, bacteria, and other dust contaminants while reducing health issues.

ASAP Carpet Cleaning provides quality and affordable upholstery cleaning in Turlock and nearby areas. We perform an effective cleaning process, including inspection, pre-treatment, thorough cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing.

Carpet Cleaning

Our Upholstery Cleaning Process



Our technicians begin with fabric inspection and identification.


Color Fastness Test

Then our professionals test the fabric dyes to determine colorfastness. It is an essential step that helps to determine the safest cleaning procedure.

Pre-Condition Fabric

Our professionals use preconditioners in order to loosen the soil, which will help maximize the effectiveness of the extraction step.

Soil Extraction

Then the soil is extracted from the fabric. After that, our experts rinse the upholstery fabric, leaving it clean and fresh. The fabric is continuously inspected to ensure the highest quality workmanship.

Professional Spotting

If any spots or stains on the upholstery do not respond to the pre-conditioner and extraction steps, they are then treated with appropriate spotting solutions.

Fine Fabric Protector

Our fabric protectors help to resist spots, spills, and stains. This also helps the fabric to last longer.

Note: Fabric Protector is Applied On Request


Fabric Drying

Once our cleaner has cleaned the fabric, they use powerful air movers to decrease the drying time. It will allow you to place your items back soon.


Final Inspection

When the cleaning is completed, our professionals conduct a final inspection. Our upholstery cleaning Turlock goal is to achieve the best results possible.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Results

What People Are Saying About ASAP Carpet Cleaning

5 Star Reviews Fantastic experience all the way around! The team arrived on time, did a thorough job, and even helped me repair one of my sofa cushions. That alone is worth five stars to me.
Ali Sholer

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5 Star Reviews I have had ASAP clean my carpets at 3 different locations. I have also had upholstery cleaning done too. Not only have the guys been reasonably priced but have done amazing work all three times.
Michele DeVercelly

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