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Dirt, dust, allergens, toxins, bacteria, and odors can accumulate in the fibers of your rugs. Although regular vacuuming can help to remove some dust, it will not remove everything else. The only way to get them out is to have your rugs cleaned professionally. We know that you paid a high price for your rug and want to ensure that it is in good hands.

ASAP Carpet Cleaning understands the importance of having a clean area rug in the house, so we work hard to restore your old rug to its original condition. We have 30+ years of experience.

Our Area Rug Cleaning Process



We’ll start the process with a thorough inspection of the rug. Our technicians will check the type of rug you have and then determine the best cleaning method accordingly.



Once our inspection is complete, we begin with the first stage of the rug cleaning process: dusting. Usually, rugs hold lots of dust in a single foot before they start looking dirty, so this is an important step. Our technicians will dust the rugs properly for a prolonged period to shake out any embedded dirt.


Before we start washing, we’ll do a patch test for colorfastness to determine how susceptible it is to fading. After that, we will wash your rug using cool water, wool-safe detergent, and a soft brush. The length of time your rug spends soaking will depend on the soil and spots on the rug. After soaking, we’ll safely rinse your rug with water in our state-of-the-art equipment (Prochem Everest 650 HP).

Drying The Rug

During this phase, 90-95% of the water will be extracted from the rug. Then, the rug will be placed on a drying rack with air movers until all the water is gone.


Fringe Cleaning and Drying

Our professionals will also take care of the fringe by cleaning and drying them a second time.


Final Touch

The cleaning process ends with our technicians giving your rug a final brush cleaning and preparing it to be delivered back to your home.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning Turlock

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5 Star Reviews The best cleaning company in the area! They cleaned our carpets & area rug for us…Everything looks back to new & smells clean!
Helen Johnson

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5 Star Reviews WOW, these guys know EXACTLY what they’re doing!!! I’m always skeptical about who I let in my home. Not only did a fabulous job but went the extra mile to clean my carpets, area rug and used a pet treatment.
Diana Galvan

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