How To Clean And Remove Stains From Natural Stone?

How To Clean And Remove Stains From Natural Stone?

Jan 23, 2020 | Natural Stone Cleaning

Natural stone is a great investment to make your home attractive, but it needs proper care. Some natural stones such as marble, onyx, travertine, and slate are porous. Dull marks and tiny gaps can be caused due to acid cleaners and oily foods. But there are proper tips which can help you to remove such stains.

Tips To Clean And Remove Stains From Natural Stone

  1. Remember that while cleaning a natural stone you need to use a soft brush with natural bristles, which can prevent scratch on the floor. You can use a soft and fluffy mop or clean cotton rag to collect the scattered pieces of waste on natural stone.Natural Stone Cleaning
  2. To remove stains, you can use warm water and dishwashing detergent which doesn’t contain any type of acid.
  3. Sometimes you feel abrasive under the feet due to small dust particles, which you cannot see easily. In order to keep them clean always use dry dust mops and clean regularly or every alternate day.
  4. If you spill something on your natural stone tile; clean them immediately using a paper towel or clean and dry cloth.


Most of the people use natural stone in their houses in the entrance, in the kitchen counter and also in washrooms. Therefore, with proper care, you can maintain the natural stone for many years with the same attractive appearances.

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