What’s Residue Free Rug Cleaning?

residue free rug cleaning Turlock

Nov 10, 2020 | Area Rug Cleaning

Your rug goes through a lot of wear and tear throughout the year. It handles dust, grime, and germs of all kinds effectively. However, this makes the rug look and smell bad. So, when you think of getting it cleaned, think of residue free rug cleaning.

Advantages of Residue Free Rug Cleaning

Most rug cleaning companies use products which contain harsh chemicals. These chemicals not only harm the rug fabric, but also the people using it. Residue free carpet cleaning is an amazing alternative to have a clean rug without harming yourself or the environment.

So, here are some advantages of having this rug cleaning method:

⇒ Safe For Home Environment

Traditional rug cleaning methods involve using chemicals and procedures that put the rug and you on safe side. Although they are effective cleaning methods, they don’t ensure safety regarding your health and your living environment. Luckily for you, to avoid getting sick, you can switch towards this greener rug cleaning option.

⇒ No Residue Left Behind

Problem with old cleaning methods is that they use cleaning solutions which if left behind attract dust and germs. Whereas in this residue free rug cleaning, most professionals use steam cleaning to clean the rug. As this method doesn’t use any carpet cleaning solution and therefore there is no danger of any residues left behind.

⇒ Zero Pollution

The old method of rug cleaning harms the environment with the use of harmful and toxic cleaning agents. These harmful cleaning agents then enter the air of your living space and thus enter your bodies. Unfortunately, these chemicals also enter the water supply and harm you and your loved ones. So, the best alternative is to choose organic cleaning solutions and methods.

⇒ Decrease Water and Energy Waste

The best advantage of green rug cleaning is that they need not use more water and energy to clean. So in comparison with the old cleaning methods, green rug cleanings help conserve water and energy. Thus, making it an environmentally friendly cleaning method.

Contact Professional Residue Free Rug Cleaning Here!

Switch from the old, harmful rug cleaning to green cleaning for better desired results with zero side effects.

ASAP Carpet Cleaning provides green rug cleaning services all over Turlock. Our expert cleaners aim to provide a toxic-free professional cleaning service to all the residents at affordable rates.

So, to enjoy a toxic-free environment, call us today at (209) 668 2727 and schedule your next rug cleaning appointment. For recent updates and news, follow us on Twitter.

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