Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Are you planning to get your office place deep cleaned? Well, there is nothing better than contributing to a safe and healthy work environment. But you must know what tasks commercial cleaning involves. To get fully cleaned office premises without missing a corner and organize the cleaning session, it is crucial to have a checklist prepared.

Here is what’s included in a typical commercial cleaning checklist for each office area.

The General Commercial Cleaning Checklist:

  • Emptying and washing trash containers
  • Replacing liners
  • Vacuuming all the rugs, carpets, mats, and floors
  • Dusting and damp-wiping desk area
  • Cleaning office chairs, tables, and other furniture
  • Special cleaning of the front entry and facade
  • Removing cobwebs from ceiling and corners
  • Cleaning and wiping glass doors, windows, and walls
  • Ensuring complete cleaning and proper arrangement

Commercial cleaning services offer a wide range of deep cleaning. Below are some common tasks covered in a typical workplace cleaning.

Desk, Cubicles, and Reception Area Cleaning

  • Decluttering the desks
  • Cleaning electronic devices and peripherals
  • Dusting and wiping of cubicles and surroundings
  • Collect and dispose of trash
  • Cleaning office chairs and meeting tables
  • Sweeping and vacuuming the hard floors
  • Complete disinfection of desk areas
  • Grooming of the entrance and reception table
  • Organizing paperwork
  • Dusting and cleaning the walls
  • Arranging reading materials properly and updating periodicals
  • Changing bouquets
  • Cleaning business signs/logos at the entrance
  • Wiping and cleaning windows
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the waiting area
  • Cleaning and dusting the blinds, curtains
  • Cleaning wall lighting, hangings, frames, and showpieces

Kitchen and Breakroom Cleaning

  • Discard undesired, stale food and outdated items
  • Cleaning dishes and used utensils
  • Emptying the garbage and recycle bins.
  • Decluttering and cleaning the refrigerator
  • Disinfect the kitchen appliances.
  • Clean and Disinfect kitchen countertops.
  • Sweep and mop the kitchen floors
  • Checking and filling the water cooler.
  • Cleaning break room seating area
  • Picking up the scattered items and organizing them
  • Restocking any needed disposable containers
  • Refilling the kitchen towels, hand soaps, and dishwashing liquids

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Clean the toilets, urinals, and sinks
  • Disinfecting all the surfaces (door knobs, toilet seats, etc.)
  • Sweeping, mopping, disinfecting, and drying the floors
  • Clean all hard surfaces and partitions and disinfect them
  • Replacing empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls
  • Refilling other toilet essentials
  • Cleaning the mirrors and glasses

Get a Spotless Workplace with Commercial Cleaning Services!

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