Know The Best Way To Clean Area Rugs

Best Way To Clean Area Rugs

Mar 28, 2023 | Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs bring charm to your property when they are new and clean. These rugs receive high foot traffic and get dull and unclean.

Therefore, if you add area rugs to your property, regular cleaning and maintenance are required to keep them in proper condition.

Different cleaning processes are followed based on the fabric and dust, debris, or stains on the rugs. In this blog, you will know the best way to clean area rugs.

Your area rug will be free from dirt, debris, and stains after following these ways to clean it.

How to Clean Your Area Rug?

Start the process of cleaning by shaking the area rug or beating it hard to remove the dirt and debris. Move a brush on the area rug to remove the pet or human hair. After brushing, thoroughly clean the area rug by moving the vacuum cleaner over it.

Once the area rug is cleaned by the vacuum cleaner, the next step to follow is to use shampoo. Different shampoos are used for different types of fabrics. You should always read the label on the rug that mentions the sensitivity of your area rug.

Make the rug fully wet, and then apply shampoo to the same. Start scrubbing on the rug until the bubbles are formed. After properly scrubbing and removing the dirt and stains, wash the rug with water.

Rinse the rug and make sure that there is no foam left. If there is extra water left on the rug, then remove it using a squeegee. This will help you out in the speedy drying of the rug and remove the detergent/solution if left.

After rinsing, let the rug air-dry and therefore keep it in a ventilated place. The sunlight and clean air can easily dry the rug if you find a space to stretch it.

How to Remove Stains from Rugs?

There are different methods followed to remove different kinds of stains. The stains should be blotted and not rubbed. Remove the moisture from the stain as quickly as possible. Below mentioned are the solutions for the different stains –

1. Alcohol or Soft Drinks –

Use a mixture of warm water, vinegar, and dish soap on the stain to remove it. Rinse it off, then pat it dry.

2. Coffee or Tea –

Apply a mixture of warm water, vinegar, and dish soap to the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse and blot. Use a commercial spot rug cleaner if a stain is still present.

3. Fat-based Stains –

Use a dry-solvent spot rug cleaning for things like butter, margarine, or gravy.

4. Gum –

Scrape off as much gum as you can, then cover the rest with ice cubes in a plastic bag to make it firm. Use a dull knife or spoon to scrape the gum off. If necessary, vacuum and apply a dry-solvent spot cleaning.

5. Paint –

While the stain is still wet, spot-clean acrylic and latex paint using warm water, vinegar, and dishwashing liquid solution. If the color is still there, apply some rubbing alcohol. Use unscented mineral spirits to sponge oil-based paint, taking caution not to soak through to the backing.

6. Tomato Sauce –

Use a citrus-oxygen cleanser, dab it with a solution of warm water, vinegar, and dishwashing liquid, then sponge it with cool water. Rinse well with a solution of white vinegar and water, then pat dry.

7. Melted Wax –

Use the same treatment as gum, freezing it with ice cubes in a plastic bag, then scraping it off. To remove residual wax, dampen a fresh, white cloth or cotton ball with rubbing alcohol.


After reading this blog, you might have known the best way to clean area rugs and that cleaning out the stains from the rugs is an easy task if done appropriately. But it is also advised to hire a professional for the same because you might damage your rug unknowingly.

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