Know The Best Way to Clean Area Rugs 

Know The Best Way to Clean Area Rugs

Mar 21, 2022 | Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs give your home a lot of personality and charm. However, nothing ever remains exactly the constant as it was previously, including the area rugs. Which means, you need to clean area rugs often.

Rugs get dull and unclean over time as a result of high pedestrian traffic regions. So, what’s the best way to clean an area rug? Before you choose the best area rug cleaning procedure for your apartment’s lovely rugs, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Area rugs are frequently made with more fragile material or densely woven threads. Thus, based on the design and purpose of the rug, maintaining them is often much more difficult than cleaning floor carpeting. Here’s how to clean area rugs in a way that will improve the appearance of your home.

Effective Steps To Clean Area Rugs

1. Vacuum The Rug On Both Sides

Tidying your area rug on a constant schedule is just as vital as vacuuming your carpet. Dust both faces of a changeable rug. This gets rid of the dirt and filth that can cause your carpeting to wear out sooner. Make sure not to vacuum any of the fringes. When cleaning a shag rug, switch off the agitator bar to avoid twisting the lengthy strands.

Pet hair is frequently left behind by vacuum cleaners. Eliminate the hair with a hard brush, combing in the orientation of the rug’s nap. If the rug is compact enough, you could rattle or thrash it violently outside to get rid of dust and debris. Shaking carpets outside is prohibited in some regions, so verify your regional laws first. Be sure to perform this step before initiating your area rug cleaning method. It reduces the possibility of sticking hair into the vacuum cleaner.

2. Deep Clean With Shampoo

Carpet and rug washes come in a broad variety of options, but you must pick carefully. You need to use a detergent made specifically for your rug’s fabric. Look at the tag under the rug if you’re uncertain about the fabric.

To ensure that the shampoo is suitable for the fabric, perform a tiny patch test in an unnoticeable place. Apply a half-inch of shampoo to your rug and keep it on for one to two hours. After the time has passed, check the area for any indications of staining. You can also check with any local area rug cleaning for a suitable cleaning agent.

Taking a bigger area rug outdoors, if feasible, is among the finest methods to clean it. Before using the shampoo, soak the rug with a garden hose. You can also take advantage of your shower room. Spread the rug in the center of the shower and wet it with the spray nozzle. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the shampoo as directed. Scrub the rug vigorously with a brush, agitating it until it’s coated in froth or bubbles. Pay special focus to any places that are soiled or very filthy.

3. Rinse It

After fully shampooing the rug, wash it clean with the faucet or shower head. Rinse the strands until they are clear of froth or foam. To clean an area rug at home, you could also rinse it inside the shower room. Allow running water over it to remove any soap sticking on it.

Brush away any extra water using a squeegee. This will aid in the speedy drying of the rug as well as the removal of any remaining detergent.

4. Let The Rug Dry

Leave the rug in a properly ventilated area or outside to dry properly. To aid the process, use a table or ceiling fan. To absorb surplus wetness, use washcloths. To drain the moisture, put them on the carpeting and step or hop on them.

Based on the cross – sectional area of the rug, it may take approximately two days to dry completely. When the front of the rug has dried, turn it over and let the bottom dry too. Check with the weather outside before cleaning an area rug. A sunny weather would aid in speedy drying of the wet rug.

The sunlight and clean air can easily dry the rug if you find a space to stretch it. This should lessen the likelihood of an odor forming.

How do you clean area rugs?

Typically, the above four step process is beneficial in cleaning area rugs. It is essential to brush away pet hair and dander before vacuuming the rug. It prevents it from getting stuck in the vacuum cleaner. Also, vacuuming loose dust makes the cleaning process easier. A thorough scrubbing and rinsing of the rug eliminates deep seated dust and grime.

It’s critical to maintain your area rug tidy to prevent difficulties like sensitivities induced by dirt and dust mites. Hoovering the rug across both ends at minimum once a week is a simple way to avoid this.

Avoid causing damage to your rug by only deep cleaning it when absolutely required. Always use a detergent that is gentle on the fabric. Use fans to completely dry the rug, or carry it outdoors and then let the sun do its thing.

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