Area rugs add a lot of style and character to your property. But nothing remains the same as it was before, similarly the area rugs. 

Over time, because of heavy foot traffic areas, rugs become dull and filthy. So, how to clean an area rug? Here is the best way to clean area rugs that would definitely enhance the look of your property. 

Area Rug Cleaning

Effective Steps To Clean Area Rugs

  1. Start Vacuuming On Both Sides

With carpets, you can vacuum only one side removing dust particles. On the other hand, you can vacuum an area rug on both sides thoroughly. 

Vacuuming Rugs

First, vacuum the fiber side and then flip it over and repeat the same on the back. Still, you find your area rugs dirty and have open space outside, then you can hang it over a railing. 

Use a broom handle gently and knock the rug on both sides. 

  1. Deep Clean Rugs with Carpet Shampoo

Before using the carpet shampoo directly on your rug, test out on a discreet area to avoid any kind of damage like discoloration. If it is safe to use, then sprinkle clean water on your rug. 

Pour carpet shampoo and with a durable brush scrub it well. Pay attention to stained areas. Overall, this technique works well for low-pile rugs and shag rugs

  1. Rinse the Area Rugs Thoroughly

Once you have eliminated all the stains and dirt from your rug using shampoo and brush, rinse it thoroughly. This is because this shampoo may act like hair shampoo, which can leave a residue behind. 

As a result, your rugs become sticky and dull. To prevent this issue, it is important to rinse your area rugs completely. 

  1. Let the Rug Dry

Depending on the material and thickness of your rug, you can judge the timing of drying. Thus, it is recommended to wash the rugs before inviting people to a dinner party. 

Dry your area rug by extracting water. Also, you can hang it to dry a rug. It will take 24 hours or more to dry. 

Throughout the process, you have to be calm and composed. Definitely you will observe the difference in your rugs. 

Need More Details on Best Way To Clean Area Rugs? 

For more information on how to clean an area rug or need any kind of professional help, then contact ASAP Carpet Cleaning. Over the years, we have been providing area rug cleaning services in Turlock, Modesto and nearby areas. Dial (209) 668-2727 or follow us on  Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram for more details. 

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