Natural stone in the entrance, bathroom, and kitchen area gives a beautiful and rich look to any house. But it is not easy to maintain its beauty, especially in kitchen countertops. Natural stone is porous which needs sealing to prevent damages. There are several cleaners available in the market but mainly they are not a chemical-free solution. It can damage or cause swirls on the surface.

To prevent such damages, you can opt for the home-made cleaners that can restore the look of your natural stone flooring. Let’s focus on some DIY natural stone cleaner which is more effective and less expensive.

Recipes of DIY Natural Stone Cleaner

1. Natural Stone Cleaning Spray


½ cup isopropyl alcohol, 1½ cups water, 15 drops of any cleaning guard, ½ teaspoon Castile soap supplement.


Mix all the ingredients in a 16-ounce spray bottle. Before you apply, shake it well and then sprinkle the spray on your natural stone.

2. Cleaner With Essential Oil


Add essential oil, lemon juice, 3 drops of dishwashing solution, ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol and water.


Take a spray bottle, mix all these ingredients, shake it well and spray the solution on other affected areas. And wipe off the solution with a cotton cloth.

Natural Stone Cleaner

Are You In Need Of Professional Natural Stone Cleaning Services?

As we all know that the vinegar is too acidic for the natural stone, it can discolor and damage the area. An area made with natural stone is durable and can increase the resale value of your house. If your kitchen or bathroom area is made up of natural stone, then keeping it clean becomes a very important duty.

Even if you are also facing some serious issue with your natural stone and not able to decide what step you need to take? Then always prefer to hire a professional natural stone cleaning services like ASAP Carpet Cleaning. To get a free estimate, call us at (209) 668-2727. For more tips on the DIY natural stone cleaner, you can follow us on our Facebook page.

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