What Is The Difference Between Commercial And Residential Cleaning?

What Is The Difference Between Commercial And Residential Cleaning?

Commercial spaces differ greatly from residential ones. One of the major differences between commercial and residential spaces is that many people visit the latter daily compared to the other.

Similarly, residential space gives you an intimate look into a person’s life, which you cannot associate with commercial spaces. Thus, both spaces cannot be more different from the other.

So, why would their cleaning be the same? Here’s a guide on the difference between commercial and residential cleaning to increase your understanding of both of them.

Major Difference Between Commercial And Residential Cleaning

1. Services Required

Commercial: The cleaning provided for commercial spaces is designed such that it meets the needs of workspaces. This includes complete top-to-bottom cleaning of the office space. Similarly, some companies provide only commercial cleaning services while some provide both of them.

Residential: This is also known as housekeeping. This involves cleaning, cooking, gardening, etc. Mainly services are offered to depend on what company you hire for residential cleaning. So always talk to the professional cleaners about the service range offered before hiring them.

2. Cost

Commercial: Office cleaning cost mainly depends on which service package you opt for. The packages involve various cleaning options like carpet cleaning, wiping windows, office benches, etc. So, the business manager needs to decide the services he needs depending on his budget.

Residential: The cost of residential cleaning services depends on what services you have chosen. For example, you will only pay for carpet and upholstery cleaning, if that’s what you opt for. So, the more work you choose, the more you have to pay for.

3. Time Needed

Commercial: Most commercial cleaning services have flexible working timings. They come to clean your office either during the day or night, depending on your convenience.

Residential: Most residential cleaning services provide their services only during the day. Only some professional cleaners provide 24*7 cleaning services to clean your homes on your time.

Commercial Cleaning Services Turlock

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