Pick The Best Professional Wet And Dry Upholstery Cleaner In Turlock

Wet And Dry Upholstery Cleaner Turlock

Aug 27, 2021 | Upholstery Cleaning

The upholstery like carpets and sofas at your home accumulates a lot of dust and dirt due to its everyday use. Having a kid or pet in your home increases the chances of your carpets or sofa getting wet. Based on the situation, you need wet cleaning or dry cleaning for your upholsteries.

If you are looking for a professional wet and dry upholstery cleaner in Turlock, then ASAP Carpet Cleaning is the best choice. Our experts have a defined cleaning process that removes all the dirt without harming the color and fabrics of your upholstery.

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Our upholstery cleaning service includes a total of 8 stages. They are pre-inspection, color fastness test, pre-condition fabric, soil extraction, professional spotting, fine fabric protector, fabric drying, and final inspection. We are IICRC certified to provide the first-class service to our customers with 100% satisfaction in it.


The above video will show you how our experts are performing a deep cleaning on the upholstery to remove all dust from it. We provide affordable and quality level upholstery cleaning in Turlock and its nearby areas.

Important Steps Of Upholstery Cleaning

  • Our technicians begin with the pre-inspection step to inspect the fabric of your upholstery.
  • As fabrics of every upholstery are different, so our professionals test them with various fabric dyes. This will help us to identify color-fastness with your upholstery fabric.
  • In the soil extraction step, our experts will extract all the soil and dust from the upholstery. Then they will rinse the fabric with water.
  • After the soil extraction step if there are any spots or stains remains on the upholstery, then our professionals remove them. For that, we apply fabric protectors on customer’s requests.
  • Once our experts clean your upholstery fabrics properly, then whey will use powerful air movers to dry the fabric.

After completion of all the stages, our wet and dry upholstery cleaner will perform a final inspection step. In this, they will check the fabric quality and take care to provide their customers with the best results.

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If you want top-notch quality cleaning for your upholstery, then get in touch with ASAP Carpet Cleaning. We have more than 25 years of experience to provide professional upholstery cleaning services in Turlock, CA.

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