Review The Best Carpet Cleaning Process By Professionals

Best Carpet Cleaning Process

Aug 20, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning

When you hire any professional cleaning service, many questions start raising in your mind. Things like which type of cleaning solutions, machines, processes, methods they will use for cleaning. Especially, when the question is about your precious carpet, proper research is needed. Well, if you are planning to hire a professional carpet cleaning service, then know here the best carpet cleaning process in 8 steps.

The 8-Step Best Carpet Cleaning Process

⇒ The first and foremost step is doing a thorough inspection. Here, the carpet fibers, backing, and padding layers are properly checked before cleaning.

⇒ Secondly, the dry soil is extracted from the carpet. For that, the professionals prefer to do pre-vacuuming on it. Remember it is an important step, and commercial vacuum cleaners ensure to remove 80% dry soil layer from carpets.

⇒ Now, before applying any solution or cleaner, pre-stain treatment is done on the carpets. The cleaner is first tested in the hidden area of the carpet and if it suits the color, then only used in cleaning.

⇒ Professional cleaners use the specialist pre-spray that kills all the bacteria and mold from the carpet layers. Also, this is an eco-friendly spray and safe for your kids and pets.

⇒ Pre-grooming or agitation is a step where a professional machine is used to scrub the solution on the carpet. This will loosen the sticky stains and dirt on it. If the stains are hard, then a hot water extraction method is used.

⇒ This step involves rinsing the carpet with clean water after the solution is scrubbed on it. Also, the moisture and deep dirt are extracted properly. So, in 2 to 4 hours after the carpet dries, the fibers become fluffy again.

⇒ Also, if you place some furniture on the carpet, then it is placed back once the cleaning is over. Many professional cleaners use protective foil tabs to avoid the color stains of furniture on the carpet.

⇒ Lastly, the final inspection is made and ensures that you get satisfactory cleaning results.

How Long Do You Have To Stay Off Carpet After Cleaning?

Normally, the drying time of the carpet is 6-8 hours. But, the professional cleaning tools can dry it faster in 2 hours also. Avail the five-star professional carpet cleaning services from ASAP Carpet Cleaning at Turlock.

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