How To Prepare Your Carpet For Cleaning?

How To Prepare Your Carpet For Cleaning

Sep 2, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet and rugs give an aesthetic look to your home. It increases the appearance of your home interior. But, after some time, it looks dull and attractive. As carpet experiences a lot of foot traffic, it is highly susceptible to dust, grime, and pollutants.

Therefore, it is necessary to clean your carpet to maintain it in its pristine condition. It is only possible by hiring professional carpet cleaning services. Because professional cleaners have the expertise and knowledge to perform the carpet cleaning process effectively.

Moreover, insured and licensed carpet cleaners have access to the latest tools and techniques for eliminating all the dust, allergens from your carpet. So, it cleans the carpet without damaging the fabric.

But, before employing carpet cleaning services, you may be wondering how to prepare your carpet for cleaning? What are the steps needed to follow before carpet cleaning? Find all these answers in this blog.

Simple Steps On How To Prepare Your Carpet For Cleaning

1) Pre-vacuuming Your Carpet

Your carpet captures a lot of dirt, filth, and bacteria. Thus, ensure that before professionals come to your home, you need to vacuum the carpet. It helps to remove all the blocked dust and allergens from the carpet. It smoothens the further carpet cleaning process. Otherwise, this dirt, grime can hinder the cleaning process. It reflects how you should vacuum before the carpet cleaning process.

2) Remove Mess Up

It is essential to remove items from the carpeting area so that cleaning specialists can clean every inch of your carpet meticulously. Therefore, you don’t have to conduct a full declutter to get a fresher, cleaner carpet. This procedure is also crucial to remove trip risks for cleaning professionals.

3) Remove Light Furniture Pieces

Lighter furniture must be relocated to a safe place. It mainly provides a space for the cleaning experts to perform carpet cleaning. Here, carpet cleaners are not licensed furniture movers, this is an important step for you to perform on your own. Therefore, clearing the area of plant stands, floor lamps, and coffee tables might boost our professionals’ capacity to clean your carpet thoroughly.

4) Make A Safe Place For Pets And Kids

You make a safe place for your pets and kids during professional carpet cleaning. Cleaning experts use a hot carbonating extraction process (H.C.E.) that is safe and non-toxic for pets and kids. But, it is difficult for cleaning specialists to finish the job, if their pet is underfoot. So, take one moment before our cleaners arrive, with your pet and kids in another room.

How Long Does It Take To Clean A Carpet?

Based on the size and area of carpet, it may range between 5 minutes to 3 days also. So, get the best professional 5-star carpet cleaning services from ASAP Carpet Cleaning in Turlock and nearby areas. We deliver the best carpet cleaning services that fit your budget.

Our experts use a hot water extraction method to restore the look of your carpet, without damaging the fabric. We use a low moisture cleaning process which minimizes the drying time. So, it provides a great outcome within the particular time frame.

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