Do you want a quick idea to change your bedroom makeover? If yes, then go for an attractive and cozy rug variation in it. There are a lot of various options to select rugs for the bedroom. It includes different colors, materials, textures, and patterns in it. You may get confused about how to choose a rug for the bedroom, according to your home style and decor.

Tips and Tricks on How To Choose A Rug For Bedroom

1. Choose the right size of rug

Keep the rug size of 36 inches long from all sides when the bed is not leaned against the wall. Now, measure the length and width of your new rug within this border. Also, you can use masking tape or place a bed sheet on the area to know the size.

In small bedrooms where there is limited furniture space, you only need to reach your legs to the rug area. While in large bedrooms that have a seating area, desk or vanity tablespaces then use different rugs to separate them.

2. Pick suitable rug materials

After choosing the best style and color of your rug, now move to pick the right material. The best bedroom rugs for floors are Sisal rugs. You can also prefer silk and viscose rugs that add beautiful shimmer in your bedroom decor. For pets at home don’t use absorbent rugs or one that can easily tear out with their sharp claws.

Organic Carpet From Sisal For Cat

When you eat pizza’s on the bed then likely there are chances of falling it on the floor. As a result, the floor gets dirty. Here you can use Polypropylene rugs as they are very durable and easy to clean.

3. First, select the appropriate rug and then equip it

Selecting a perfect rug that exactly coordinates with your room decor is important. It impacts a lot to all the other elements of the bedroom tied together in it with style.

Shag Rug

The best rugs for this classification are shagged rugs. They have neutral patterns sliding between the coastal and crummy chic as these allow the bedroom things light and airy.

4. Use the rug pad as a backing material

Lastly, prefer the use of a rug pad to keep the rug in its place and avoid the fear of slipping from it. So rug padding acts as a backing material that prevents such accidents. 

An extra benefit of cushion-type material is given to you by these rug pads.

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