How Much Would It Cost For Office Cleaning Service?

How Much Would It Cost For Office Cleaning Service_

Regardless of your business’s scale, cleanliness plays a significant role when it comes to offices. This is because your office is the place for commercial activity. It definitely adds the first impression in front of your client that matters a lot.

Having a clean office regularly with hiring for an office cleaning service helps you maintain and build a strong brand image. Also, cleanliness helps you attract new customers and protects your employee’s health, this, in turn, reduces the absenteeism ratio.

However, how much does the office cleaning service cost? The cost of cleaning your office depends on the following factors:

  • Size of an office
  • Number of cleaners appointed to clean office
  • How dirty is your office
  • The type of an Office cleaning service chosen

Here in this blog, you will unlock the answers to your questions regarding the office cleaning cost.

How Much Does It Cost For Office cleaning Service?

How Much Does It Cost For Office Cleaning Service?

The cost of commercial office cleaning depends on its size. This is because the large office requires more time, cleaning solutions, and tools compared to small commercial buildings. We ensure to let you know about the estimated pricing before we start with the services.

Generally, professional commercial cleaning service charges are based on the square footage of your commercial space. On average, for an office with 200 to 400 sq. ft. they may charge you between $80 to $130. Whereas for bigger areas such as 1000 to 1500 sq. ft. might cost you between $200 to $300. Moreover, there are some companies who charge carpet cleaning per room: ranging from $20 to $50 (If it is a big room or hall cost may go up to $75.) The commercial cleaning checklist includes:

  • Emptying the trash
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Thorough Cleaning

The cost will increase if you demand extra services. Approximately, it will rise to $55 to $75 if the office cleaning package you select includes sweeping floors, cleaning toilets, or bathroom restocking products. Apart from these, many commercial cleaners may also charge you considering per square foot of an area.

What Is The Average Cost Per Square Foot For Commercial Cleaning?

What Is The Average Cost Per Square Foot For Commercial Cleaning?

For a large office that has a 2100 square feet area, professionals calculate the cost per square foot. The minimum cost starts at $0.50 per square foot. However, the cost can increase if the professional conducts office space cleaning, window cleaning, sweeping, scrubbing, waxing floors, and more detailed vacuuming. We hope this guide helps you know how much office cleaning service costs. As we finish cleaning your office you will come to know why commercial cleaning services are necessary for a company.  

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