Know How Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning is Beneficial

Know How Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning is Beneficial

Jun 23, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning Services

A low moisture carpet cleaning method is also known as dry carpet cleaning. It is one of the renowned carpet cleaning methods among users. Many carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning because of its proven track record.

What is Low Moisture Cleaning Method? 

LMC is the process that allows carpet fibers to dry naturally within 2 hours or less. It contains qualities of both steam and dry cleaning.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

How Does It Work?

In this method, professionals mix cleaning compounds with water and then sprinkled them onto the carpet. Then the cleaning compound gets activate and loosens the dirt pollutants or soil from the carpet.

Depending on the carpet cleaning company, the professionals use a rotary floor or cylindrical rotating brush to disperse the cleaning agent. The dust contaminants are then removed from the carpet by a brush.

Still, if you observe dirt on the carpet, then an encapsulating cleaning agent can remove it easily.

Benefits of Using a Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Method 

  • Long-lasting cleaning effect

Any liquid cleaning chemical solution attracts soiling. Therefore, if the carpet is wet from cleaning, then it can remove maximum dust pollutants as it gets sticks to it. Whenever you need to clean high-traffic carpet areas, it is advisable to hire a low moisture cleaning method.

  • Minimum drying time

It is a fact that when there is less usage of water there will be minimum drying time. The low moisture cleaning method requires less than 2 hours of drying time after cleaning. It means one can avoid water-related issues with this cleaning technique.

  • Decreases structural risk

Sometimes, water on the carpet can seep into the flooring material. As a result, it can cause mold growth while damaging the carpet. With low moisture carpet cleaning techniques, less water gets into the carpet and while reducing the chances of structural damage.

Get In Touch with The Best Carpet Cleaning Company 

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