An Easy Guide For Commercial Tile Cleaning Services

An Easy Guide For Commercial Tile Cleaning Services

Jul 13, 2021 | Tile And Grout Cleaning

Tile flooring is always the first preference for all corporate offices, hospitals, hotels, schools, restaurants due to its good durability. The stains and discoloration of tiles can ruin the reputation of your business.

However, professional tile cleaning services will handle all types of stain removal from your tiles. Here are four easy tips on commercial tile cleaning services.

Four Easy Tips for Commercial Tile Cleaning Services

1. Use sponge mop and soft scrubber

Whenever you clean a commercial area, take proper equipment such as a sponge mop and scrubber. Once you finish sweeping, mop the floor with a sponge. Use a soft scrubber to remove the hard stains. Assure that it should not contain abrasive fabric that damages your tile.

2 Warm water with baking soda

Sometimes there are very hard stains formed due to daily foot traffic, spills of tea, coffee, and food. For such cases, you can apply warm water mixed with baking soda on it. This helps in removing stains and dullness from the tile of your commercial area. Moreover, warm water is enough to extract stains of mud and footprints on tiles.

3. Avoid bleach while tile cleaning

Always avoid using bleach while cleaning your commercial floor. It will extract the shine of the tiles and cause discoloration on the floor. Instead of bleach, you can use dishwasher detergent and soap that does not contain many chemicals.

4. Use soft cloths and a towel for wiping

After you finish cleaning, use a soft cloth or towel to rinse off the water from the tile surface. Do not let the tile dry itself, as it will absorb the solution deeper and weaken the tile. Always apply a fresh coat of floor wax to give a shiny look.

Need Professional Help? Hire a Top-Notch Floor Tile Cleaner Company!

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