How To Clean An Area Rug On Hardwood Floor?

How To Clean An Area Rug On Hardwood Floor_

Oct 24, 2022 | Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs can make your house look beautiful, more colorful and cozier. You may face heavy foot traffic on your area rug, which makes them look dirtier and covered with dust particles. If you do not clean your rug on a daily basis, then there is a chance of mold and growth of allergens. 

Cleaning the area rug on the hardwood floor is complex, but it requires more premium tools and equipment. The area rug loses its warmth if you do not vacuum the spaces regularly. For the best result here, you will learn how to clean an area rug on the hardwood floor.

Follow The Steps To Clean Your Area Rug On Hardwood Floor

Start With Vacuum

Vacuum Cleaner

Whether preparing for thorough cleaning or daily routine, start with vacuuming. This will suck up the dust and loose dirt from the rug. Vacuum the rug from both the sides, it will extract debris that is accumulated on your rug.

Shampoo The Rug

After dusting and vacuuming, shampoo the area rug with an appropriate cleaner. Before applying the cleaner on the entire rug, start with a single corner and notice if there is any fading on the area rug. It is important to check whether the cleaner is suitable for the fiber of your rug or not.

Rinse With Clean Water

After shampooing the rug, the dirt can sit beneath the fiber. You need to rinse the area rug with clean water so that shampoo can only accumulate the fiber. Once the rug washing is completed, you are required to dry out your area rug. Make use of wet-dry vacuum to wring out your rug and get excess water out to speed up the drying process.

Are You Planning to Hire Professional Area Rug Cleaning Services?

With the help of vacuum and household products, you can clean your area rug on your own. But, if there are hard stains and dirt, then it is always advisable to hire the best area rug cleaning services. However, cleaning rugs on their own can damage the fiber and may increase your cost for replacement.

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