How Frequent Must I Undertake Area Rug Cleaning?

how frequent must I undertake area rug cleaning

Feb 1, 2022 | Area Rug Cleaning

Many rugs must be washed per 12-18 months as a conventional guideline, however, depending on several conditions, area rugs cleaning must be done frequently or less frequently. It all relies on the carpets you possess, your activity, and the conditions to which your rugs are subjected. Rug owners ought to have the cleaning done thoroughly at least once a year, particularly when they are utilized often. Area rugs must be washed every six months, but not often than two times a year, in households with domestic animals, hypersensitive people, or individuals with respiratory disorders. To retain the rug’s guarantee, it is imperative to observe the rug company’s guidelines as well as the maintenance schedule.

Given this, many other factors govern the cleaning frequency of an area rug. Our experts have compiled a list of the most common factors to be kept in mind to decide the cleaning frequency.

Top Factors To Consider For Area Rug Cleaning

1) Usage Of The Rug

Area rugs are usually laid in the living rooms and spaces which are most used. This is because these places see a lot of foot traffic. Laying area rugs at such places increase the elegance of your home. Visible area rugs that match your wall colors or upholstery definitely add a great touchpoint for interior decoration.

However, the area rugs laid out at places with the most traffic are liable to get dirty fast. The constant footfall and dust that is tracked in make these rugs dirty. To add to this is the frequent food spills and accidents that occur are there as well. All these factors count for an area rug cleaning service.

2) You Have Pets Or Kids

Pets and kids make the home a lively space. Their constant noise, playful activities, and running around make the home come to life. Kids and pets are one big responsibility. And maintaining cleanliness around the house becomes even more difficult with them around.

Kids and pets will spill things and have frequent mishaps on the rugs. Further, pets shed a lot of hair and leave dirt tracked in on the rugs. This pet dander and pee smell combined with the germs on your rug calls in for a cleaning. Any area rug cleaning services near you will tell you to have your rugs cleaned more often considering the pets and kids.

3) People Have Allergies

More often than not, people tend to ignore the quality of indoor air. A surface cleaning might make your home appear clean. But other factors are less obvious which puts this wrong.

It is not visible of course, but your house has lots of pollen, hair, and microbes floating around. Much of this comes from the outside, which cannot be controlled. Some of it comes from pets. All these settle on the area rugs. Every time the rug fibers are agitated by walking, these are lifted in the air and irritate your respiratory system.

At times, you might have noticed the allergy symptoms getting worse in your home. One of the reasons is a dirty area rug. Best area rug cleaner will make sure to clean your rugs to perfection which eliminates all the allergens.

4) Smoking Zone

Many of you might wonder if smoking inside the house can even affect your rugs. People who smoke regularly will take care to not drop any ash on the rug. They carefully dispose of it in the ashtray. But carefully recall if have there not been times when someone didn’t drop the ashtray itself?

However careful one is while smoking, the smoke smell, and fine particles do settle down. These fine particles lodge deep down inside the area rug. These ash particles are a contributing factor to worsened allergy symptoms. Also, no amount of deodorizers can take away the smoke smell as well. Professional rug cleaning near you can easily remove the smoke smell along with the lodged ash particles with perfection.

5) Heavy Soiling

A factor that most people might deny is the heavy soiling of their rug. When a new area rug is laid, people take utmost care to keep it clean. No shoes are allowed inside, any spills are instantly cleaned up, and the rug is regularly vacuumed. This care starts getting relaxed when the rug ages.

After a certain time has passed, people usually forget about the rug. Many people bring in dirty shoes. If you have pets and kids, it is worse. They run around the house with dirty feet and paws. This tracks in enough dirt to make the rug appear dirty quickly. Area rug cleaning near you will however wash your rug with advanced techniques. This helps to dislodge all of the deep-rooted dirt and grime, leaving your rugs spotlessly clean.

How do you clean an area rug without moving it?

This is a question that can be answered best by the experts. Area rug cleaning done by a professional cleaner makes how do you clean an area rug without moving it? all the difference. A regular vacuum at home cannot give spotless results.

If you’re looking for a professional area rug cleaning nearby, contact ASAP Carpet Cleaning. Our years of experience and advanced techniques restore the shine of your rugs within minutes. Our well-trained staff with proper equipment makes sure to offer the best results for your priceless rugs every single time.

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