Area rugs placed on the floors creates a modern and stylish look of your home. Because of heavy foot-traffic in your home, these rugs become dirty. You need to either clean them on your own or contact professional area rug cleaning services near your home.

Do you know that the rug cleaning cost also varies based on different factors? The cost of area rug cleaning depends on many different factors like the size of the rug, material, cleaning method, etc. Learn how the cost change based on all these factors in this blog.

3 Factors Affecting Cost of Area Rug Cleaning

1. Size of the rug

Size is the most commonly used factor to decide the price of rug cleaning. The average cost for 1 square foot rug size is $2-$5. While the standard area rug of size 8’x10’ would cost $160-$400 for cleaning.

2. Rug Material

The synthetic material type of area rug is very strong and less expensive for cleaning. Natural Fiber rugs are delicate and need a different cleaning method, which raises the overall cost by 20%. If you have older rugs, then they are even more delicate and raise the cleaning cost up to 35% high.

3. Area Rug Cleaning Method

Based on the type of rug cleaning method you are choosing, the cost will vary. If you want a steam cleaning method, then the cost remains $2-$5 per square foot. While some companies prefer washing the delicate area rugs by hand and allow them to dry. As it becomes a labor-intensive option, so it cost you around $4-$8 per square foot.

Area Rug Cleaning

Apart from the above 3 factors, other enhancement factors also affect the cost of area rug cleaning. Like if you are using spot or odor removal treatment while rug cleaning, it costs an extra $1-$3 per square foot. Adding a protective sealant for silk or wool rugs cost $0.50 per square foot. While it cost $0.25 per square foot for synthetic rugs.

Want to Hire Professional Area Rug Cleaning Services?

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