How To Clean Tiles Stained With Cement?

How To Clean Tiles Stained With Cement_

Oct 4, 2022 | Tile And Grout Cleaning

During the construction or renovation work, there of certain chances that cement will spill on your floor and stain the tile and grout. Cement stains are stubborn and become very difficult to clean if you don’t take an instant action to remove them.

However, you have to be very careful while cleaning the tiles because improper cleaning can cause excess wear to your tiles and can significantly damage them.

For instance, If your house has ceramic tile floors, they can absorb the cleaning solution while removing cement stains. Also, natural stone tile is more difficult to treat, as chemical solutions can damage the elegance of tiles.

So if your tile and grout are covered with cement stains, and it is ruining the beauty of your house, let’s focus on how to clean tiles stained with cement quickly and safely.

Quick Steps To Clean Tiles Stained With Cement

Fortunately, several solutions are available to remove the cement from your tile, but special precautions are needed. Follow these steps to get rid of cement stains from your flooring.

Step 1. Pour a generous amount of vinegar into a bowl. As vinegar is acidic, make sure you do not apply a large amount of vinegar in one place. This can lead to damage to your tile.

Step 2. Place a clean piece of old cloth onto the vinegar. Let the rag soak up the complete solution. Once the rag is soaked with vinegar, now lay the rag over the entire cement stain.

Step 3. Leave the rag on the surface untouched for at least two hours. Once the cement is soaked with vinegar, it will loosen the bond between tile and cement. Vinegar is an acidic solution, so it can easily break down the hard stain of cement.

Step 4. Now, remove the rag from the surface and scrub the area with a scrubbing pad. If the cement is hardened, you have to apply more force to scrub the area. Repeat the process until you remove all the cement stains present on your tile.

Step 5. Take a dampened sponge and rinse the whole tile with it. Apply a washing detergent to wash to the area with the help of a sponge. Now, rinse the tile with normal water, and dry the area with a clean cloth.

Do You Want Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning Services in Turlock?

If your tile and grout are filled with a thick layer of cement, it may require a professional approach. We at ASAP Carpet Cleaning provide top-notch professional tile and grout cleaning services in Turlock, CA location.

With effective cleaning methods, we can remove all the stains, dirt, and grime from your tile and grout, giving your floors a squeaky clean look. We use the latest cleaning equipment and green cleaning solution that ensures satisfactory cleaning results without causing any damage to your tile and grout.

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