Due to continuous foot traffic on carpets at schools, offices or public buildings, they get stained very heavily. Here the dirt settles down in the carpet fibers and becomes a breeding home to molds and bacteria in it.

The mold will destroy the carpet quality and make it impossible to reuse. So how to clean heavily soiled carpet to prevent it from mold formation? It requires multiple attempts to clean heavy stains and soil from carpets. Learn here the 4 quick tips for removing heavy carpet stains effectively.

Top 4 Quick Tips On How To Clean Heavily Soiled Carpet Material

1. First Vacuum The Carpet Thoroughly

The first step for cleaning the heavy dirt stains off the carpet surface is vacuuming. Use the upright vacuum cleaner to vacuum the area thoroughly. Give it some time and then try to remove all the loose dry dust particles from the carpet.

2. Make Use Of A Pre-Spray

Use a good pre-spray in the pump-up sprayer that is filled with warm water for its correct dilution. Now spray this mixture on the whole carpet but make sure to not over-wet the surface. Leave this spray for a few minutes to break the soil particles from the surface.

3. Utilize A Defoamer

A defoamer stops the foaming inside the recovery tank during carpet cleaning and protects the machine from damage. Take a bucket filled with warm water and mix some defoamer solution in it. This is an essential step because your carpet contains many chemicals and they are resisted through defoamer.

4. Follow Spray Extracting Method

Fill your machine with the mixed solution of a carpet cleaner and warm water. But do not make a strong solution, or else it will re-soil the carpet again. Do some vacuuming of the carpet for drying it. After it is dried, you can allow the carpet area to be walked on.

Follow the above tips while cleaning the carpet on a periodical basis. But if you are stuck with the question of how to clean heavily soiled carpet, then don’t get afraid and contact the ASAP Carpet Cleaning experts for quality carpet cleaning service at your home.