How To Choose Carpet Type That is Right For You?

How to choose carpet type that is right for you

Jun 25, 2020 | Carpet Cleaning Services

As carpet professionals say that choosing the wrong type of carpet is the biggest mistake made by many homeowners. Because the carpet is an investment for your house and it must fulfill all your needs and requirements. 

Moreover, there are 12 basic grades of carpets made by carpet manufacturers. You must be able to select the best grade level of carpet suitable to meet all your needs. Here are some of the best tips on how to choose the carpet type that is right for you.

Choose The Best Carpet Fabric

Tips To Choose Carpet Type That is Right For You

Consider The Proper Room Size

Before you decide the best carpet type, first measure your room size. Think about the traffic that you will get in the room. For example, the carpet for a family room is not suitable for the carpet in offices or commercial basements.

Look To The Carpet Pile Height

Pile height is the height of your carpet fibers, that excludes the backing part. It is further classified in a low pile, medium pile, and high pile carpets.

  • Low pile carpets have short fibers that look flat and dense. These carpets are easy to clean and can withstand a lot of foot traffic in it.
  • Medium pile carpets are a little taller than low pile carpets. They are soft in touch and hold moderate foot traffic, dirt in it.
  • High pile carpets have long fibers which make them look elegant and fluffy. They add an extra cushion underfoot while walking but collect dust more frequently. So, these carpets require more maintenance.

Look To The Carpet Face Weight

Face height is the measure of how much yarn is used to make a carpet pile. The high face weight indicates more yarn. Such carpets are dense and long-lasting ones. Moreover, carpets with high face weight are more expensive compared to the carpets with less face weight. 

Carpet Fibers Selection 

Mainly, most of the carpets are made from synthetic materials as they resist stains, color fading, and moisture. The other 5 types of carpet fibers are nylon, polyester, wool, and olefin. Out of them, nylon carpets are used in houses with pets as they are durable, affordable, and stain-resistant.

How Professionals Can Help You To Choose The Right Carpet?

We at ASAP Carpet Cleaning provide professional carpet cleaning services at Modesto, CA location. Our experts will guide you to choose the right carpet for your house. To learn more tips for selecting a carpet, call us at (209) 668-2727 or follow our Facebook page

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