Which Are The Effective Carpet Maintenance Tips?

Carpet Maintenance Tips Turlock CA

Oct 4, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets are a vital component in your home decor. Besides elevating the appeal of your room, they are also responsible for providing you warmth under your feet. Thus, caring for your expensive carpets can get overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin.

Moreover, with one wrong move, you risk the beauty of your carpet causing permanent damage to its fabric. But, if you follow a few simple carpet maintenance tips like regular vacuuming, cleaning the stains immediately, then you can preserve the original look and feel in your carpet’s fabric.

5 Effective Carpet Maintenance Tips

1) Regular Vacuuming

Carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning your carpets twice every week. As even though your carpets may look clean, there might be dust and allergens hiding deep inside the fibers.

2) Clean The Spills And Stains Immediately

This is one of the most important carpet cleaning tips for pet owners. If you let the pet accidents stay for a prolonged period, it will prove harder to clean your carpet. As the spills can penetrate the fibers and leave a permanent foul odor behind.

3) Remove Indents And Impression Marks

Rotate the furniture regularly to avoid having any permanent indents on your carpet. Although, if the damage is already done, rub the area with an ice cube and fluff it up. Let it air dry and your carpet will be as good as new.

4) Wash Your Carpets Thoroughly

Another one of the easy but necessary carpet maintenance tips is to clean them properly. You need to get your carpets cleaned by professionals every six months. This is necessary to rectify any previous mistakes you might have committed while cleaning the carpet yourself.

5) Place Rugs Or Mats On Top Of Carpets At High-Traffic Areas

Areas like doorways, beds, couches, and tables have high foot traffic compared to the rest of your home. So, a simple solution to keep these surfaces clean is to add a mat or a rug on top of the carpet.

How Can I Make My Carpet Look New?

Simply sprinkling a generous amount of baking soda on your carpet can refresh the look of your carpet. Let the powder sit on the surface for ten minutes before cleaning it.

Even though this tactic will make your carpet look fresh, it won’t remove germs. On the other hand, the advantage of our carpet sanitizing service is that we will rid your carpet of germs. With over 28 years of experience, we at ASAP Carpet Cleaning are trained individuals equipped with modern tools. Hire us today if you wish to have clean and healthy carpets.

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