Tile Cleaning Services: Best Marble Tile Cleaning Tips

Tile Cleaning Services_ Best Marble Tile Cleaning Tips

Mar 17, 2022 | Tile And Grout Cleaning

Installing marble tiles can add a luxurious look to your house. Marble tiles are widely used for floors, countertops, and shower stalls. The best part is that they are available in various colors and styles. They are fragile and softer than any other type of tiles. Employing tile cleaning services will help you to get professional results.

Although, when it comes to cleaning them yourselves, a few things need to be kept in mind. Due to the fragile nature of marble tiles, it is important to take proper care while cleaning. Hence, having proper knowledge about cleaning products and techniques will make the cleaning process easier for you. Here is the best way to clean marble tiles by yourself.

The Best Way to Clean Marble Tiles

Note: Keep in mind that acidic cleaners are very harsh on marble tiles and can damage them. So make sure you avoid using acidic agents such as vinegar, bleach, or lemon on marble. Else, you can consult a tile cleaning near you on the best cleaning solution.

Let us start by preparing a home-based solution

Cleaning marble tiles with a mild dishwashing liquid with a neutral pH could be a good alternative. Marble tile cleaning is effective only when a neutral or slightly basic cleaning solution is used. Taking one spoonful of cleaning solution plus also some warm water, make a mixture. Before using the mixture, make sure it’s thoroughly mixed.

Load a spray bottle halfway with the liquid. If there is any wetness on the floors, blot it up prior to sprinkling. Then spray the cleaning solution on the desired surface. Ensure not to apply too much solution, as this may result in distorted streaks.

Clean the top of the marble floors with a towel or sponge to eliminate particulates and dust. To facilitate cleaning, have the rag or cloth damp.

How to Deal With Liquid Stains on Marble?

If a marble floor has wet marks, such as tea, beer, lemonade, or vinegar, mop them up right away. If leftover for an extended period of time, it may cause damage to the marble floor. You can also use hand towels, a fresh clean rag, or a dry sponge. Marble tile maintenance is easy if you sweep and mop the floors daily.

You could also use a marble cleaning solution with a ph of 6 that has been diluted. If you don’t have any marble solvent but still want to scrub your marble floors, lukewarm water will suffice. Allow it to air dry after wiping it down with a dry rag.

How do professionals do marble tile cleaning services?

Professional tile cleaners make use of specialized cleaning agents and equipment. This is designed to remove all sorts of specific stains and deliver deep cleaning. This coupled with their years of experience and expertise in cleaning different types of flooring gets the best cleaning results.

If you’re not yet certain how to scrub marble tiles, the best option is to hire expert marble tile cleaning services. At ASAP Carpet Cleaning, we strive to be the finest.

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