Installing marble tiles can add a luxurious look to your house. Marble tiles are widely used for floors, countertops, and shower stalls and the best part they are available in various colors and styles. They are fragile and softer than any other types of tiles. 

Due to the fragile property of marble tiles, it is important to take proper care while cleaning. Hence, having proper knowledge about cleaning products and techniques will make the cleaning process more easy for you. Here is the best way to clean marble tiles that you can do it by yourself. 

The Best Way to Clean Marble Tiles

Note: Keep in mind that acidic cleaners are very harsh on marble tiles and can damage it. So make sure you avoid using acidic agents such as vinegar, bleach, lemon on marble. 

Let us start by preparing a home-based solution

A gentle dish wash soap with a neutral pH can be a great option to clean marble tiles. Prepare a solution using one tablespoon of dish wash soap and some warm water. Mix the solution well before using it.

Now fill the solution into a spray bottle. Before spraying, If there is some water on tiles, wipe it off. Then spray the solution on the surface that you want to clean. Remember that do not spray excess of solution which could leave behind deformed stripes.

Then after to remove dirt and dust from the surface of marble tiles wipe it using a cloth or mop. Keep the cloth or mop a little wet to clean the area. But remember, while mopping your floor, use a microfiber floor mop or cloth and do not over-wet the mop. If the mop if too wet the water will spread all over your floors.

End up the process by cleaning it with a dry cloth or mop. You can see the difference after cleaning. 

Marble Floor

How to Deal With Liquid Stains on Marble?

If there are liquid stains on a marble floor such as coffee, wine, juice or vinegar, wipe it down immediately. If kept for a long time, it could end up damaging the marble floor. Additionally, you can use paper towels or a clean dry cloth or a dry mop.

You can also use a dilute marble cleaner with a neutral pH. If you do not have any marble cleaner and you really want to clean your marble tiles, you can use warm water. Wipe it using a dry mop and leave it to air dry.

If you are still not sure how to clean, then the best way to clean marble tiles is to call the professionals. We at ASAP Carpet Cleaning provide the best tile and grout cleaning in Modesto and nearby areas. 

Call us at (209) 668-2727 to restore your tiles. You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram for regular services and tips updates. 

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